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Welcome To The Karate University

The Karate University was founded on March 15, 1972 in Weatherford, Texas by Mr. Bob Nuttall. Mr. Nuttall was identified as one of the first professional Mixed Martial Arts type fighters in the United States. As a champion fighter, tournament Director, and Bodyguard, Mr. Nuttall has trained city, county, state, and federal Law Enforcement Officers (often going out in the field with these officers).

Many prospective students are concerned about learning and practicing this art. Concerns such as Self Defense being too difficult, stressful and/or harmful on the body, which can happen in many styles of Martial Arts. Others are concerned with "close or ground grappling" styles where in today's environment, communicable diseases may be an issue. TKU teaches "Tried and Proven" self defense techniques designed for sudden and serious situations where students learn that they can indeed stand and defend themselves against one or more attackers.

American Karate combines several styles of Martial Arts, from Stand-up striking and kicking styles to ground techniques. This combination gives you the strongest form of Self Defense. One would hope that they are never put into a situation to have to use this training, however if you are attacked, you would definitely want to be able to handle the situation. American Karate gives you the edge in fighting one or multiple attackers and provides you with more options and opportunities to defend yourself.

The Karate University provides for the safest in training, with the use of padded flooring, to the personal safety equipment required for all participants. Safety equipment provides for and minimizes the chance of injury to you and those that you are working with.

The Karate University employs the best "tried and proven" training techniques and instructors that have proven their knowledge and abilities in American Karate.